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“Celebrating love and life…”

Love Celebration Testimonials


“JP met with my fiancé and I on short notice.  She asked questions that helped her get to know us and created a special ceremony for our wedding.  Everyone commented how she was “on point” about everything!  It’s clear that she is doing what she loves.  She does it well.  I totally recommend JP Payne as an Officiant.”

“Our officiant was amazing! JP included a special verse honoring family members who have passed away as well as included our young children in part of the ceremony. You could feel the love and the unity in our wedding. JP did a great job and delivered our vows with utmost care and sincerity. I cannot thank her enough. Oops! Make that ‘we’ can’t thank her enough.”

“JP performed our wedding ceremony and she did an excellent job. JP included some “secret” words in the ceremony that my fiance and I understood and really enjoyed. It made it feel like it was truly “our” ceremony. She directed her attention to us and we could feel how much she cared about the words she chose and how she delivered them so tenderly. My big bear of a husband even had tears in his eyes! She really touched our hearts…forever.”

“JP Payne did our wedding ceremony at our home. She met with us beforehand and got details about us and our lives. She really got to know us. It was evident in our vows. We got a copy of them framed and everyone who reads them feels the love and feels inspired, too. She is the right person for this kind of work. She cares so much and it’s really obvious.”

“JP did our wedding on a farm and we had a lovely time. She helped us get music and flowers, too, and really went the extra mile to make everything just right. I would not hesitate to recommend her. She’s an awesome lady!”

Life Celebration Testimonials


“JP met my Aunt Alice in September. She visited her after Alice’s quick diagnosis with cancer. JP learned about her most important life events and encapsulated them beautifully into the memorial service. There was not a dry eye in the place, yet most tears were of joy, not sorrow. JP memorialized my aunt’s victories and it was truly a touching ceremony filled with honor and respect.”

“JP shared stories about my mother, Kathryn, that most family members (much less friends) had never heard before.  We got to know mom in a new light and yet JP also captured Mom’s essence referring to her blue jeans, Birkenstocks, and her rigorous routine of deer-watching while enjoying oatmeal for her daily breakfast. We celebrated her life together and I know she was smiling down on us all.”

“JP Payne honored my dad in an unbelievable way. She quoted a Rumi poem that he loved. Who knew? JP did. She asked pertinent questions and he told her things my brothers and I never knew. She honored dad and our entire family. We celebrated our life experiences with Dad rather than being sad about his death.”

“JP Is a jewel. How did she manage to unite our family for my uncle’s life celebration after we had experienced such discord? Instead of dismissing and avoiding each other, we all united to tell Ted’s stories. I was the executor of his estate; JP was the celebrant of his life. She promoted a “family circle hug” after the end of the service. No one will ever forget that!”

“JP maintained a respectful distance in her memorial ceremony-- having never met my dad before he died. The ceremony, however, was as if she had known him all of his life. She met with our family members and neighbors, and did her homework. His essence was revealed; and she celebrated his existence. Our father influenced a lot of people in our community and JP noted his contributions with admiration and sensitivity.”